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add me and read about the plane crash [20 Mar 2012|03:31am]

Оriginal fr ruriktochkase в NATO PLANE CRASH /погiб Hercules C130J

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lets friend ykristianna! [31 Oct 2011|01:56am]

friend an interesting user, w. lots of interesting posts about
politics, traveling, history, showbiz etc. below an extract fr. the
latest in [info]ykristianna  в air baltic - шведская сказка по-новому

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LJ 0_lechim looking for friends [13 Sep 2011|07:22pm]

LJ [info]0_lechim looking for mutual friends. Latest in  [info]0_lechim :t. о ?! А !
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дружим? / add me. [15 Nov 2010|09:34am]

дружим? / add me. последнеe / latest : Иду по городу, собираюсь интервью в мосульманском раёне зделать. Девушки смотрят - приииятно ;) Причём даже те кто с детьми, тоже смотрят. Ну, что поделать если я сегодня не отразим? :) Я им естественно улыбаюсь в ответ. Прохожу мимо кафе. МУЖИКИ смотрят. причём довольно пристально. Старик какой-то мимо проходит, и полу уважительно, полу одобрительно кивает. Ну, наверное доволен, что я его пропустил в узком месте тротуара. Угу, ещё и вежливый :) И это замечают. ЗДОРОВО! :) Прохожу мимо киоска у автобусной остановки. Там уже чёрнокожий джентельмен, эдак метров двух, не просто смотрит, а ПЯЛИТСЯ!! Тут уже как то  так не по себе  немного.  *камера в рюкзаке, раён стрёмный, если "обувать" начнут, я конечно просто так ничего не отдам, но фиг за меня кто "впишется". Осматриваюсь... 3аскакиваю в киоск. Весь киоск оклеян газетными афишами с приметами одного из терористов/а.
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friending LJ ruriktochkase [06 Nov 2010|12:09am]

френдим [info]ruriktochkase . Bзаимозафренд 99%
посты из Шведции и о Шведции. из последнего:
освещение terror-style! Теперь у нас будут самые яркие выстрелы!
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[27 Sep 2010|08:54pm]

Who want add me to friends ohrimka89
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[27 Sep 2010|01:59pm]


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Lets talk! [12 Jul 2010|11:29am]


1.add me and be added :) comment & be commented! Lets talk!

Hi! I'm Leo 30, fr. Sweden. lookin for friends.pic.of me below. 
The jorunal
is a great illusration of the upsides and down sieds w. LJ.
The downside is very-well known to everyone who has ever bothered to read TOS. We all have no rights here. But 2 upside:
For example about a month ago I wrote a post that was called "generation D". Out of the blue came same people who have read that article, and they asked me to republish my post, in a paper journal that is distributed in 64 countries.(this type of "stuff" does not exactly happened everyday to me. so naturally I said YES!).
Now, during the same "wave" of events I was now all over the sudden asked to give an interview to a multinational TV-station.


2. what did I do? I talked to people, communicated, while being polite.
Just spending some extra time to write an article + posting to a friending communities, such as this one and talking.
Well? Well I have VERY hard time imagining the same turn of events happaning on ANY platform other platform. (ok, may be except youtube). In such short time, such possitive spiral.

3. So? so join me, talk to me & do even better than me! :)
I'll be glad to see you all! Welcome! and if you wish to get some PR in my journal, you can freely write about your self in my LJ in this post:
Lets get to know each other! Who knows? may be that post will be usefull for you too? Join me & do even better than me! :)

another post that is in English can be found HERE:

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[11 Jul 2010|12:38am]

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[02 Jun 2009|05:15pm]


my name is georgia and i am thirteen years old, which makes me small. i am blonde and young and far too fond of the internet. i have no talent and my future so far comprises of me marry a filthy rich man who i am completely unattracted to and the endless photography of my legs and friends.
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[28 Oct 2007|09:22am]

Hey, my name's Sam. I'm 18, and am trying to find my defining moment. I'm a local student and photographer. I'm pr'simple; I like music, movies, photography, video games, books, friends, etc. I've been told I have a "bro personality". I appreciate open-minded, creative, passionate, and understanding people. I enjoy saving money, and movies that make me squirm. I want to spend my summers snowboarding in Utah. I love watching hockey, playing cards, watchin' 'Scrubs', and reading Chuck Palahniuk books. I also love Guitar Hero, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I was born and raised in Germany, but currently reside in good ol' Florida. By the time I was in the fourth grade, I had been in 6 different schools. I love listening, debating, and conversing. I read and comment all the time, and would love more who do the same.

If you would, in fact like to add me, and it's not too much trouble, please comment this entry, so that I could keep track of things. I would really like to meet/talk to more people. :)

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[11 Jul 2007|01:39am]


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[26 May 2006|09:25am]


Just a sorting community? Right, and a truffle is just a 600 dollar mushroom.

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[07 Mar 2006|12:56pm]

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[15 Jan 2006|12:45am]


♥ If you're into the adorable 16-year-old, R&B artist wit madd skillz, then you've found the right place. Chris Brown Fanz is the only Chris Brown fansite on El Jay! Chat with other members, drool over hot pics, share links, and tell other insane fangirls about the newest, hottest CB concerts, performances, appearances, and more. It's a brand new site so be the first to join. ♥
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[27 Dec 2005|03:45pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[20 Nov 2005|09:31pm]


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[05 Nov 2005|12:34pm]



100+ Members
Boys and Girls 14+
Challenges, Themes, Superlatives, Hunts
Activeness and FUN

Remember wrong_____right told you about it ;D
ps if you see this advertised everywhere...it's because it's that good :D
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[25 Jul 2005|10:53pm]
this is a place to fine new friends on lj, have fun!^^
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